The Bill Scully Files

TITLE: Insurmountable Opportunities
SPOILER WARNING: None that I can think of.
CONTENT WARNING: Violence & strong language
SUMMARY: Bill Scully, jr., and Fox Mulder investigate a mystery together.

TITLE: Seven Days in November
SPOILER WARNING: Minor ones for Anasazi/The Blessing Way/Paperclip
RATING: PG or PG-13, depending on your opinion of the "f" word. Some violence.
CONTENT WARNING: ScullyAngst, both Bill, jr., and Dana. Also, not-too-graphic presentation of a patient in a psychiatric hospital who has been mistreated.
CLASSIFICATION: C,A; also M/S friendship; Crossover is with "Seven Days in May" by Fletcher Knebel and Charles W. Bailey II. This story stands on its own, however; you don't have to have read the book to "get it".
SUMMARY: The second in an apparently continuing series as I attempt to salvage Bill Scully, jr's poor, pathetic soul. In THIS story, Bill makes another visit to Washington, and gets caught up in another X-File -- but this time the investigation may have profound consequences for the future of the United States.

TITLE: Almost Midnight
SPOILER WARNING: Numerous spoilers all the way through Season 6.
RATING: PG-13, for language.
CONTENT WARNING: Bad words; MulderAngst and TaraAngst; M/S friendship; Mulder/Tara friendship; Bill,jr/Tara romance
SUMMARY: Fox Mulder and Tara Scully team up to solve a mutual problem, and find themselves swept up in an X-File.
NOTE: I have stolen the title for this story from a novel by Martin Caidin. It was...less than wonderful, and this story really has nothing to do with Caidin's (although it has a vaguely similar theme). But the title was cool, and so I have liberated it.
DEDICATIONS: To Nonie, for tireless beta tests. To Rachel, for nagging. And to the two Kristens for help with the San Diego locale.

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In TV and movies, when they shoot a scene that winds up not being used in the finished product, they call it an outtake. I guess I'm a child of the TV era, because my stories -- at least the ones in this series -- tend to have outtakes. Here they are. They are scenes which I wrote which had to be deleted for various reasons, but I'm still sufficiently pleased by them that I'm willing to share. Look on them as being illuminatory.

TITLE: The Conversation by the Carillon
SPOILER WARNING: Very, very minor spoiler for Momento Mori
RATING: PG, mostly for theme rather than any specific language or action.
SUMMARY: What were Mulder and Scully talking about while Bill, jr. was talking to Jiggs Casey? This is an outtake from "Seven Days in November".

TITLE: Nightmare
RATING: NC-17 for sexual content and violence
CONTENT WARNING: Character death; also, the treatment of religion may be upsetting to some readers
SUMMARY: Bill Scully, jr., has a nightmare
COMMENT: This was originally written as a chapter in a "Insurmountable Opportunities". It turned out not to be appropriate for several reasons, but I am nevertheless proud of this bit of writing, and feel that it can stand alone.