The Book of Acts

So what's it all about? Good question. The short answer is "sex."

The long answer is that along about Christmas of 1998 I was getting a little weary of the sameness I perceived in a lot of the smut I was reading. This is not a criticism of anyone; certainly a lot of it is very good smut, very good indeed. But I was starting to look for a little variety. Not finding much, I decided to create my own.

The stories listed on this page are the result. They are set in a common universe; for the basic background, see "Act of Faith." But unlike The Silver Bracelet series, there is no continuing story; the entire set of tales is pretty much PWP, tied together by theme rather than plot, if you want to get hoity-toity about it.

But enough talk. Let's have a little action, eh?

TITLE: Act of Faith
SPOILER WARNING: Anasazi; Never Again, Memento Mori
RATING: NC-17, for explicit sex.
CONTENT WARNING: Explicit sex between two consenting adults of the opposite sex. Includes scenes of mild bondage, but NO discipline; this is NOT B & D.
SUMMARY: On their three month anniversary of becoming a couple, M & S explore an extreme possibility.

TITLE: Act of Acceptance
SPOILER WARNING: Fire; Duane Barry/Ascension; Irresistible; The End
RATING: NC-17, for explicit sex.
CONTENT WARNING: Male and female created He them. Got it?
SUMMARY: Mulder finds himself in deep depression in the aftermath of a case, and Scully must find a way to comfort him.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is a companion piece to "Act of Faith." I don't think you need to have read that one in order to get this one, but it would probably add some nuance. All you really need to know is that M & S are already involved in a romantic relationship, which has been going on for several months now.
DEDICATION: To Shannon, who emailed me about "Acts of Faith", gave me the confidence to attempt this companion piece, and helped me work out what this story ought to be about.

TITLE: Act of Indiscretion
SPOILER WARNING: None. More's the pity.
CONTENT WARNING: MSR. Really and truly. And no, I have not left out any other keywords. I promise. Trust me on this one. Oh...I guess I should mention the mindblowing sex, shouldn't I?
SUMMARY: PWP. Sometimes everyone needs a change of pace. This is a companion piece to "Act of Faith" and "Act of Acceptance." It is not necessary to read those to, uh, enjoy this one, but it would probably add some nuance. Or something.

TITLE: Act of Desperation
SPOILER WARNING: We should all be so lucky
CONTENT WARNING: MSR. Smut. Bad language.
SUMMARY: Our heroes spend a long holiday weekend at Bill jr's house.